knowing who you’re is key

Everyone of us yarns to be successful and most of us try to do our best to get there because truth be said, none of us likes suffering. While I was at school, our motto was “HARD WORK PAYS” and as if that did not ring the bell in my life.It after I had some lessons about what the bible says about work, its our works that the lord blesses.

As I grow up I have come to realise that many people work very hard but still fail at what they do.This is true, I remember back in school of  one Nakiwala who was my classmate at o level, she read all the time even when people were for games or were making noise during preps but  still she failed to leave the last position in class.

It  was not that she was cursed like many people in Africa would quickly anticipate but may be the o level syllabus was not meant for her .The bible tells us of how each one of us was created uniquely and wonderful and continues to emphasis that we are gifted  different .So probably Nakiwala’s capability was not in that class but probably in some thing else like baking cakes, sports and photography which were off the syllabus.

It needs an extra effort of knowing who you are and what you can do passionately with ease in order to hit the jack pot.Knowing your self consists of studying and appreciating who you are, ranging from origin such as cultural affiliation ,physical appearance and capabilities.

parents try as much as you can to help your children discover who they are because that is the only way they can do better. Do not think they are poor in class so not good at any thing.




How to behave around a friend?

Life is about loving.Each one of us desires compassion from others and its because of this that most humans tend to be social.

however as people come your way how do you treat them to maintain them as they help you grow and you help them too.Not all those that differ in religion or tribe or gender with you

It all centres at compromising, drawing from the fact that we are unique from one another,it calls for being more understanding and patient with each other and letting other things go as if you didn’t notice.

In my world i think my friend should try to fit in to my world although without losing truck of theirs so that while together we are able to live peacefully and not always clashing.

Although small fights in any relationship are okay how dissolve them is what matters the most and you need to find out what bonds you and at which point do you differ in perception.ONCE you have this try to avoid clashing and opt for this that bring you closing.

As you try to shape a friend try not be judgemental and very imposive instead  attract that person to what is right through continuous deeds and soft talking to persuade them.

we need each other and as christian we believe who ever is able to love has the lord in them(their hearts)


Know who you tell about yourself

Today as I listened in to Desire lusinda’s song of ‘Tebakuliba’, my mind ran through what happened to her and I saw reality in her music and as a communicator, I could not just go away without saying something and the thing is that no matter how discrete you want some one to be, they just can not be!! in fact some one came out and said that only what you haven’t said will not be known. Otherwise no matter how much you plead with somebody to keep it for you, they will entrust it with somebody else because your best friend has a best friend too.

However much as the world is this twisted, there situations that require us to share with some body as a therapy for emotional stress so then who other than God himself would do this best? i guess none and the reasons are that even without you telling him, he knows it all already and all he  does instead is to cover it up and save you from shame aside complete forgiveness that he gives to all those that truly confess their faults.

When the worst comes to the worst I advise that the counselor who is not close to your associates is far better and is therefore the best opnion so far



When the tough becomes tougher


Goner are the days when people embarked on assignments and returned claiming that they have failed to get what they went to get. The attitude of failing is no more, these present times are about “the end justifying the means”. People especially bosses or those in higher positions do not care how you get what they require from/of you but their biggest and only relevant point is you producing results expected of you.

About a week ago,I was fortunate enough to sit in a training and the facilitator sent out one of us to buy him water and pain killers. what happened was that this student did get and brought a bottle of mineral water, Rwenzori to be particular but with no pain killers.

His excuse for not bringing painkillers was that the entire Street had only four drug shops and in those,the required particular pain killers were not in stock.But the facilitator said that all the excuses you plan to give to your bosses may be factual and realistic but they will be rendered invalid because  they are simply not what is required of you.

Challenging us he said that this colleague of ours would have probably jumped on  a motorcycle to the next trading center and first buy the medicine and later come to account for the money given to him.Produce results always is the issue


what is being responsible?

i have had hard time for the time i have lived and not else where but in my country Uganda, wherever i find young men and women claiming tat they are responsible people, no doubt actually other look and others speak responsibly with color and  taste, but time again and again i have been disappointed with how they act and react in some situations and so am forced to wonder how then do we know that some one out there is actually responsible because with no doubt every one of us needs a responsible person i our lives for example employers need responsible employees, both men and women are looking out for responsible persons for marriage and also parent want  to raise responsible people who will take on the responsibility of both the young ones and works during their absence

may be you are not that shocked with the rate of irresponsibility the young persons have exhibited but may be naming some of these would help, How and why should private affairs be made public? and why take advantage of other that we should be mentoring

And the only annoying effect is shifting blames cant we stop pointing at others and shifting the blame and  face up our silly childish mistakes you never way those hard punishments would help us learn and change  O god have mercy.

The acts of selfishness are some of the many forces to our very disgracing situations that we cause but the good news is that we can come out of that especially after we realize that we will dye or even grow old so we need young stars to take u these responsibilities for  us so why then be that selfish to ourselves, country and children and grand children for they will not find any one to look up to and also to teach them our work .